A day to remember

I have posted Justus’s story on a page of its own, it is more than just a blog, its life in Kenya.

Justus told me a story how he cultivated about on acre of land to grow food on, one day a herd of Elephants came through and destroyed his work just by walking over it, and we complain about the Wallabies and Rabbits.

God’s Law of Attraction, big or small, guide us to the emotions in our souls, we just have to have to ask for the truth and this I did. I had internet connection from safari.com., my computer was accepting  the signal, but I just couldn’t go online, last night or this morning to post Justus’s story.

Last night I prayed for the truth of what was happening and this morning over breakfast with P & K, I told them what going on for me. My prayer was answered, it just poured out of my mouth. I was not trusting God in my desire and if I had posted the story I would have been lying to you all because of my lack of faith. This evening it was posted.

Paige and Kerry will I am sure describe today so much better than I, for I could not do it justice at the moment, may be another day.

Today, as we met Javan and Susan, were greeted by all the singing orphans and welcomed by the family, well words cannot describe how over whelming it was. All the time we spent with them was joyous, faith poured from their veins and their love of God was intoxicating.

They greeted us, we sang with them and they loved us with open hearts.

I have not lived until now.


God is good


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