We are really here

27thApril: Our “press conference” was awesome; emotionally is such a different way to live and although I am not living that way all of the time yet, when I do boy does it feel good. The press didn’t come as they said they would, but those who did come now know our desires and what our intentions are in Kenya.

Thank you all, it was so awesome to share with you and have your support and love.

29thApril: As we set off for Brisbane airport Kerry and Paige announced that we had received a donation for $20,000 for a vehicle and water tanks that we mentioned in our presentation, thank you so much guys. Once I used to say (before I believed in God), that God used to work in mysterious ways, now the mystery is no more, it is how God designed us. Don’t you just love passions and desires, how can we not live this way of life,. God is so Good.

30thApril: Our flights over to Nairobi were pretty good as flights go and my vegan meals were really tasty (we flew Emirates), we had two stop overs, but only for a couple of hours and it was nice to refresh the body. We went through customs in Nairobi without a problem, it really does pay to be open and honest with the authorities rather than try to hide anything.

We are staying at http://www.wildebeestecocamp.com and I am in small tent, that is now under a shed roof as they have had flooding here and the ground is very wet. All the staff here are so gracious and truly look to serve and have such good smiles.

1stMay: Our first day has been to relax and to catch up with ourselves and then the hustle and bustle of car yards looking at vehicles, some contrast, ay! There are four million people living in Nairobi and much poverty. My first impressions are that they may be struggling, but happier than those who seem to have plenty; the façade is not so prominent.

We have connected to a few Kenyans; Kyale (Charlie), a taxi driver who has been driving us around for a few hours daily, looking at vehicles and shopping for tanks ,etc., who is so happy to talk about his disillusionment with his upbringing in the Catholic church and his faith that God’s truth will be told and that is the only way to change things. Then there is Justus an amazing young man who had given up his free time to accompany us ‘shopping’. He has told us some of his life, he is twenty six years old, and I shall tell his story soon.

There are about four million people living in Nairobi and Charlie told us if everyone went home the city would be empty as most have migrated for work when it can be found. There is much evident poverty, with no government support, so you work or starve and as Charlie spoke you could feel his anger at the gap between those who have excess and those who have nothing, which seems to be the majority of souls. I think for the next few days we will be continuing our hunt for a vehicle.

2ndMay: We spent six hours with Charlie today driving around Nairobi’s industrial areas looking at water tanks and finding suppliers for pipes and fittings. It seems that the other four million where on the roads to. Justus came with us and it certainly helped us having ‘locals’ accompanying us in achieving our goals. We have now sourced water tanks, etc., and at reasonable prices, in fact I think we got a good deal and ongoing service. We looked at another vehicle, but all the ones we have looked at just don’t seem right. Paige commented that the right one will turn up when we least expect it and as it happens several hours later when reading an email from Chris (the guy who supplied and installed the solar system), he mentioned a Paster who he had done several jobs for was selling his Isuzu Trooper to buy a new one. The pictures of it look good, the price is what we would like to pay and Chris has used it in remote areas saying it was in really good condition, so we will pursue it tomorrow.

Love to you all
God is good.

6 thoughts on “We are really here

  1. I feel like I’m getting to know these guys too, through your notes. Their faith and open-heartedness inspires me. Thanks Denis for sharing your journey and offering this opportunity for me to reflect on the injuries in my soul that are impacting on life in Kenya. love to you and our brothers.

    • Love to read you Denis. It is like being there and I wish I would be with you guys. You inspire me to share more of my godly adventure to share DT in Nouméa New Caledonia where the locals Kanak people are amazingly open to it….Unfortunately, I now lack time and desire to share both in French and English as I have no internet at home now and I spend already so many hours before my PC to translate DT into French. Oh God, if I could make it in a magic quick way and spend more time helping/interacting/sharing. Will see how it goes as I’m now looking for a ‘home’. I’m sure will meet sooner or later somewhere around the planet. Thanks for keeping us updated about your great journey in Africa. I love it! Pierre

      • Thank you Pierre, it is good to hear from you. The magic is God and the way is faith and prayer, grow your desire and it will happen as mine did.
        Much love Denis

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