What it is all about

Jambo na Kupewa (Hello and Welcome),

I am Denis Langmead and I together with Kerry Foley and Paige Willoughby are traveling to the Western part of Kenya, close to Lake Victoria, as part of a team from Wilkesdale in Queensland, Australia to help a group of Kenyan’s learn and hear God’s truths as taught to us by Jesus and Mary.

The http://www.office@divinetruth.com received an email from Javan in Kenya some 5 months ago, which a part of it is displayed as follows and this journey we are about to undertake is in response to that email.

To tell you more about our organisation, yes we are worship based giving church services. To our communities we care for orphans whose parents were killed following the post election crisis in Kenya of the year 2007/2008. Our organisation began just as a peace keeping movement, meeting people and sharing on love. Because we felt people especially christians talk about love but they do not exercise it to themselves and their neighbours resulting to the killings which was recorded even in churches. A group of christians burning their fellow brothers and sisters in faith who were in church. After observation from what happened, some of us and even our friends losing their beloved relatives during the crisis. This made me and my wife to start reviewing about starting a movement which will bring people together in love. We are neither pentacostals nor evangelicals. We are just a movement establishing our path of faith now. The love gospel made more people to join us since they neglected their former gospel which they believe caused the killings which resulted after elections.
As we grew in number, we discussed on finding a group or organisation to affiliate to to help us grow with a vision which will make our followers to be distinctive in behaviour and relationship. We found it so hard in searching an organisation to affiliate to since most of our members have no access to computer and some are illitrate. I went to visit my brother who lives in Nairobi our capital city in mid of this year and i had the chance to be close to computer in Nairobi. I was looking for an organisation which is divine and bears the truth, i went to computer search and typed Divine Truth and to my joy i met you, Divine Truth. I went through your webpages and slowly i developed an interest. I visited your webpages for about 4 days and i came back home after completing my visit. I went to my local worship center and released the information to the members during our session of reports and news, they were touched and encouraged me to reach the other centers with the same message. I tried to reach more centers although i faced some hardships since some are far away in the far parishes. I hard no money to take vehicle to distant places so i had to use phone call or ring and write short text messages using my phone. The leaders stationed in the parishes had to deliver the message of Divine Truth to their congregations and the response was attractive. We hosted a leaders meeting at a central place on September and we shared more on Divine Truth. I had more information to give from your webpages since i kept travelling to computer. The leaders gave their contributions during the discussion and the agreement was to collect funds for me to visit all congregations, meeting worshipers in their centers and share the Divine Truth message although not detailed to them. I did that in the month of October. I met members during the day and even at night since the centers are many in the 5 parishes. I moved round and collected their views which was an encouragement for us leaders to go forward to contact you as we did. Incorperating Divine Truth to our service is not difficulty since our members have accepted. What we need now is more teachings. We become part of the Divine Truth. This teaching proccess to start with the leaders who in turn reaches the congregations and the centers with the message. We have already allocated session in our program which we use to teach Divine Truth. After receiving more material we shall extend the Divine Truth session of study. Ok your teachings are controversial for most christians in Australia and other parts of the world but with us we have identified the truth in Divine Truth and we shall stand for it. Whether people see the teachings as controversial we are aware that they will starting joining us. This will be extended to the entire Kenya, happy to our government it is free to any religion to exist provided we obey the government laws. Every organisation as to register with the Kenyan government which we have not done because it is very expensive to register with the government. If we get the needed funds we are able to do the registration. We have extended our organisation to Tanzania and we hope to reach the whole of East Africa and the entire Africa given time and resources.

Through generous donations by a few individuals as well as many smaller ones we are taking to them as gifts, two notebook computers and software that will run a low powered projector and sound system that will allow Javan and Susan to show all of the seminars, interviews, FAQ’s teachings, etc and access to the web site http://www.divinetruth.com, together with all the pdf files that Jesus and Mary have recorded, to their congregations in the five parishes that they serve. A small solar system to provide power to run and charge the equipment.

Half of the donations received have been used to supply food and clothing for the 208 orphans within these parishes together with a new shelter, as the old one was damaged by storms (see picture below) in one of the parishes. Also help to register their organization as required by the Government so they may be free to talk openly without fear. Our ongoing goals are to supply a water tank and a pipe from their spring (some 700mtrs away), which is generally collected by the women of the village, more clothing for the children, seed for growing food and a vehicle to allow access to all the parishes.

Our aim this trip is to teach Javan and Susan to use and care for the equipment being taken over to them, to love and be in truth with them and to assist them in any way we can. Start to teach the children English as is their desire and to help them begin to love and care for themselves.To introduce to the villagers the permaculture way of farming and some methods of retaining water in the soil for longer periods to enable them to have a longer growing season and bring life back into the soil, to love and care for the soil, but primarily to see the advantages of giving to the land rather than taking from it.

I would like to thank Jesus and Mary for their tireless effort over the last few months, for co-ordinating the project along with sourcing, building and testing equipment and training us, as well as guidance for what we face.

There is now a team who are co-ordinating all projects that have had requests for assistance and the blog address is; http://www.internationalassistance.wordpress.com and will summarise our feedback and experiences. I hope, together with Paige and Kerry’s blog, that you will get a picture of what is happening on the ground and interact with us.

Our desire at the moment is to travel to London when we leave Kenya, (end of July) and host a presentation of our experiences and achievements in Kenya and anyone who would like attend or to be involved please contact us. We would also consider other destinations to tell of our journey should the requests be made.

I would also like to thank those who have donated funds to me personally, to help me in my desire to go to Kenya and to assist in this project.

Should you wish to donate to help us with our quest please see the details on the donation page, thank you.

For me personally it feels as if the last five years of my life I have been training for this next phase of my journey towards God and the desire to find the real me. My desire to go to Africa started nearly two years ago after meeting Helge …… who is in Namibia, and now building an orphanage for street children with a desire to have a Learning Center, (I hope to visit her soon) and when I heard about Kenya my heart sang, I had to go. I do not know what lies ahead of me, but I have faith that I will be guided to do the best I can. I pray that I can be humble and love my brothers and sisters for they have got my attention at long last.

God is Good


11 thoughts on “What it is all about

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  2. Hey Denis, just followed your blog I don’t know how this stuff sits with regeneration of the land in terms of Divine Truth and creating loving ecosystems, but for me (theoretically speaking that is) it seems harmonious. Getting to the point, I’d did some work with a friend who follows “Holistic Management” principles, and they seem to achieve great results in land regeneration, especially in Africa. Don’t know what the internet connection is like there, but there was a great talk by it’s founder Allan Savory on TED that explains it all concisely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpTHi7O66pI . I noticed too he was doing some work in Nairobi (saw on their site): http://www.savoryinstitute.com/2012/03/current/savory-institute-attends-nairobi-2012-international-forum/ Anyway, I just figured it might be a useful connection. What an amazing and healing experience you guys are having, looking forward to reading more of the updates.

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for your interest and links, I shall look at them with an open mind as I am usually quite resistant to organisations.
      For me, the regeneration of land is not our idea of how to do it, it is with what was there before man’s impact and damage done in his self reliance.
      In this vein I shall be approaching the environmental authorities for there input and guidance.
      Whatever is undertaken will be done to the best of our ability and with love.

      • No probs, that’s fair enough, I felt it might be helpful that’s all. It made sense to me in terms of large animals, like micro-organisms being an integral part of the eco-system and eco-system health. When I thought about it from the perspective of God’s creation, it made sense to me that large animals are likely to be a necessary part a pristine environment, as God created large animals; and these are not only for direct human use (which I believe we’ve wrongly viewed animals as for a long time). From what I got researching those methods was one of the things our human interventions have done is to remove large animals from that equation or fence them in etc, for our own purposes. Maybe it’s that feeling of lack involved there and that’s likely coming from self-reliance too. But what I understand Holistic Management is about is reintroducing herd animals into that equation as that would have been a key component before the environmental damage caused by human impact. They seemed to have very low maintenance but impressive results in Africa and other continents as well in terms of rejuvenation. Anyway, I don’t know if anything like that is feasible where you are but it might be worth considering.

  3. Hi David, I feel if with get the microbes back into the soil the larger animals will naturally return. God placed balance on this planet and man through his greed has depleted the soil which affects all of Gods creatures, including us.

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